Who We Are:

IC Forming is a family-owned business located about 10 minutes east of Edmonton. Run by Norman (Norm) Spronk and two of his sons, Curtis (Curt) and Nathan. They have a passion for building, and carpentry runs in their veins! Curt and Nathan are seventh-generation carpenters and they love being able to build homes for people that are efficient and green. Together with their leadership team Norm, Curt, and Nathan always work hard to provide clients with a positive home building experience. They are firm believers in the benefits of ICF and want to share the knowledge and expertise they have with you. IC Forming offers different building options and many different products from multiple ICF manufacturers. Contact us to hear about the products we carry, or the better living you could experience with ICF products!

Our Story:

Our story begins in 1980 when Edward (Ed) and Norman (Norm) Spronk joined their father’s construction business and continued the family’s legacy as its sixth generation of carpenters. Ed and Norm worked with their father for 10 years until 1990 when he retired, leaving the company in the capable hands of his sons. Between new home construction and renovations, Norm and Ed built up their business through the early and mid-90s, when in 1998 they were given a new opportunity. The concrete association requested that Norm and Ed use ICF for some of their new homes, and so began their journey with ICF.

Along the way Norm’s son, Curt, finished high school and began working with his father and uncle as their construction continued to utilize ICF foundations. It was in 2004 that IC Forming Inc. was created, and the company became an all-in-one business as a premium supplier of Logix® as well as an installer of their products. The trio continued to grow the company until late 2013 when the small warehouse they were using was just not big enough to keep up with the increasing demand, and a new shop was built with a much more substantial warehouse. The newly graduated business school student and younger brother to Curt, Nathan, decided that it was time to join in the family fun and he joined the company in 2014.

IC Forming has branched out in the last couple of years and now offers many other services such as excavation, radon rock, weeping tile, and backfilling to name a few. Along with the growth of available services, IC Forming also developed a partnership with NUDURA® in 2018 and offers the use of either Logix® or NUDURA® as block options for any ICF project. They stock and sell a wide range of products, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your ICF needs! IC Forming enjoys providing non-traditional building products to help you “Build Different, Live Better!”

Our Team:

Norman (Norm) Spronk – Owner (Shipping and Finance)

Norm has been building homes for over 40 years. He is a Journeyman Carpenter who raised his family in the construction environment, which makes it easy to see why two of his sons have gotten involved in carpentry as well! Norm keeps items stocked at the shop, and ships products to clients in a timely manner all while ensuring the companies we work with, and each of the employees is being paid as well!

Curtis (Curt) Spronk – Owner (Operations)

Curt is the second oldest of Norm’s six children. He is a Journeyman Carpenter who has worked very hard to build up IC Forming from its inception to where it is today. He absolutely loves what he does; his passion for ICF and building is always evident in the joy he has when he can be on a work site. From breaking ground in excavations to taking pictures of a finished job, Curt enjoys being able to connect with clients and provide them with the products they need and the expertise they deserve!

Nathan Spronk – Owner (Sales)

Growing up in family business of construction he developed hands on skills and knowledge through renovations, home building and installing ICF. After graduating with his business degree from the University of Alberta,  Nathan completed  his red seal Journeyman carpentry ticket, while continuing to install ICF projects. Nathan is an expert in many different ICF products and can offer a plethora of options to clients when they are planning to build.

Luke Spronk – Crew Foreman

Luke was practically born with a hammer in his hand! Not only is he very good at building and mental math but his desire for high-quality construction is always evident in the projects he is involved in. As a nephew of Norman, the carpentry bug passed on to Luke at a young age and his work ethic and passion for building gives him an uncanny knack for figuring out the answers to problems before most other people even know they are there!

Brayden VanderLeek – Safety and Training Coordinator

Brayden has been a part of the IC Forming team since 2014. He is a Journeyman Carpenter who enjoys innovation and figuring out better ways to build. Brayden would often be found on worksites deciphering plans and cutting odd angles to piece together some of the more challenging sections of an ICF project. Brayden loves to work with his hands, but what excites him most is when he also gets to use his brain to solve a problem. He recognizes that different tasks require different approaches and is always open to face new challenges to help him learn and develop.

Brief History of ICF:

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have been around for much longer than many people realize. They were first developed in the late 1930s, but the materials used and the development of the block changed in the late 1960s. Werner Gregory is credited with the invention of ICFs as we know them today; the blocks are made primarily out of expanded polystyrene and have been redesigned many times over since Gregory’s initial inception in 1969. It was during the 1980s and 1990s that ICF began moving into North America, and in the mid-1990s the Insulating Concrete Form Association (ICFA) was formed with a singular vision: “Insulating Concrete Forms will become the preferred building method in North America.”

ICFs have been on a long journey, never having gained an abundance of popularity among home builders as it is still a very misunderstood product. It is vastly superior to conventional foundations; it not only shields the concrete from the interior of the home, but it also insulates the concrete from the exterior ground or air temperatures. This means that the thermal transfer is greatly reduced, which results in major benefits, and allows for more manageable temperature control within the home. It is a fantastic product for foundations, although its versatility allows it to be incredibly advantageous for main floor and upper floor applications as well. Its thermal shielding ability makes temperature control within the building far easier, and its dense core also reduces sound transfer, making ICF buildings strong, energy-efficient, healthy and quiet!