Seven reasons for using ICF:

1) It’s highly energy efficient.

The foam in LOGIX brand ICF walls provides a thermal resistance rating of R-24. This exceptionally high R-value, along with high thermal mass and reduced air infiltration, allow ICF walls to deliver significantly higher performance levels. 

2) The sound insulation is superior.

ICF walls offer you a quieter, more tranquil interior environment. An ICF wall can easily achieve a sound transmission classification of STC 50, which is twice as high as a typical wood-framed wall. Loud noises outside an ICF building will be reduced to a whisper inside the building. 

3) It’s stronger and safer.

ICF buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed buildings. As a result, ICF walls are much better able to withstand severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes. ICF walls have a 3-hour fire rating as opposed to 15 minutes for a comparable wood framed wall. Some insurance companies will offer you discounts because of that. 

4) It’s highly moisture resistant.

ICF Walls don’t need an extra vapor barrier. For below-grade applications, LOGIX ICF provides a waterproofing system that ensures a comfortably dry basement. Improved air quality is another benefit as ICF eliminates the studs and cavities that can hold moisture and foster mold and mildew growth. 

5) It’s environmentally friendly.

Buildings constructed with ICF are designed to last for centuries, not decades. LOGIX ICF walls conserve precious natural forest resources and their energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption. The use of LOGIX promotes sustainable, green building practices, and is an investment in the future. 

6) There’s variety in size and shape.

The Logix product line has a large variety of blocks available. With numerous sizes of blocks to choose from ( 4″-24” ), we can suit all your needs. Within those sizes, Logix delivers the most variety of different forms ranging from 45’s to brick ledges, knockdown forms, and taper tops for all sizes of forms. Additionally, you can also have blocks custom made to the radius of your curved wall. 

7) The blocks are solid.

Logix ICF comes in an industry-standard 16″ height. A variety of forms are available, including brick ledges, one-side taper tops, 4″ height adjusters, and end caps. Logix is the first to offer half-height versions of its basic forms. Other ICF forms use a variety of foam thicknesses from 11/2″ to 21/2″. Logix uses 23/4″thick foam exclusively in all form sizes. Thicker foam means more insulating power as well as strength, which helps prevent damage during handling and distortion during concrete placement. Walls stay straighter and flatter.