Professional Drafting Service

We offer a professional, reasonably priced, drafting service. With 25 years of experience our certified draftsmen can draw up your dream home. We offer the ideas and efficiency necessary to make your home the best possible home, perfectly suited to your needs.

Just give us an idea of what you want your home to look like. Whether through a sketch or a picture from a magazine, we can draw it up the way you want it, and draw it to scale with a Logix wall.

Rental Products and Supplies

We offer everything you need to complete an ICF Logix walls from start to finish. With our professional advice and friendly service we can help make your project run  efficiently and smoothly. We carry the complete line of  Logix ICF product and accessories for safely installing any Insulated Concrete Formed wall.

Here are some of the items that we can supply you with:

  • NUDURA ICF blocks
  • LOGIX ICF blocks
  • Rebar (Stirrup and custom cut bar)
  • Treated material for Windows
  • LVL for Top Plate
  • Screws for Bracing
  • Bracing Rental and Sales
  • Rebar Bender Rental and Sales
  • Vibrator Rental and sales
  • Halo Products
  • Alls Sizes of Terrafoam, Voidform, Heat Sheet, Insulworks, Foam for under acrylic Stucco
  • Parging for ICF
  • Fastfoot
  • Wire Mesh for Slabs
  • Anchorbolts
  • Waterproofing
  • Rebar Chairs for Slabs and Footing
  • Delivery