Our mission is to be the premier supplier and installer of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), and fulfill that role in a safe and professional manner to the absolute satisfaction of our customer!

Energy Efficient
Insulate your home from the cold and stay warmer, while saving money. LOGIX brand ICF has a thermal resistance rating of up to R-27.

Superior Sound Insulation
What’s that sound? It’s peace and quiet. LOGIX ICF walls have a sound transmission classification of STC 50. That’s twice as high as a typical wood-framed wall!

Due to thermal mass Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) can perform even higher than its effective R-value.  Show me!

Longer Lasting
ICF-built homes have a time-tested structural integrity. Imagine lower maintenance and higher durability. That translates into higher resale values.

And much, much, more!
Those are just a few of the benefits that ICF has to offer you. Feel free to read more benefits of ICF.

About Us
IC Forming Inc. has been an installer and distributor of Insulated Concrete Forming to the northern Alberta building community for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on :

  • Competitive rates
  • Outstanding service
  • Quick and personal delivery of blocks
  • Solid advice
  • Assistance in pouring walls
  • And a commitment to helping you build yourself a better home. We’re a one-stop shop and contain everything you need to do a whole job — from the rebar you need in the footings, to the sill plate on the wall. We even include rebar benders and vibrators to build and pour walls.Give us a call today on any questions you have about ICF.

IC Forming buys back their
own blocks!*
If you order 500 blocks and only uses 450, IC Forming will buy back all blocks that are in perfect condition. We want to ensure that you will have enough blocks for when you need them.

*Refund subject to return within 30 days of invoice. Invoice must be present upon return.


Question: Are CFCs or HCFCs produced when LOGIX ICF is made?
Read the answer, along with answers to other questions on our FAQ page.

For tutorials on installing LOGIX ICF, find it on our INSTALLATION page.


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Training Courses For Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) 

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