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ICF House to Lockup
Custom Packages to construct complete lock-up ready homes including: 

Excavation-ICF- Framing- Windows & More

Perfect for self-builds to eliminate multiple trades and ensure a faster, easier, better and cost effective build

Custom Package to construct foundation for RTM homes including:

ICF Foundation

Damproofing & Weeping tile

Concrete Floors

Support Beam and Telepost Install

Basement Windows & Window Wells
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Energy Efficient
Insulate your home from the cold and stay warmer, while saving money. LOGIX brand ICF has a thermal resistance rating of up to R-27.

Superior Sound Insulation
What’s that sound? It’s peace and quiet. LOGIX ICF walls have a sound transmission classification of STC 50. That’s twice as high as a typical wood-framed wall!

Due to thermal mass Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) can perform even higher than its effective R-value.  Show me!

Longer Lasting
ICF-built homes have a time-tested structural integrity. Imagine lower maintenance and higher durability. That translates into higher resale values.

And much, much, more!
Those are just a few of the benefits that ICF has to offer you. Feel free to read more benefits of ICF.

Are Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Right For Your Build?

Do you want:

✅To feel warmer and more comfortable in your home?
✅Peace of mind knowing you will not experience frost on exterior walls?
✅A healthier living environment for your family?
✅Lower maintenance on your build?
✅To save money on heating and cooling?
✅A quiet and tranquil home to relax in?
✅A safer, stronger home to protect you from the elements?
✅To build faster, easier and cost effective?

Is this  what you are looking for? Then you will benefit from ICF!

ICF Foundation Install

Dare to Compare!  Choose the right product to build your house

Warmer X
Water Resistant X
(High Sound Resistance)
Energy Efficient X
High Fire Rating X
Long Term Cost Savings X
More Durable X
Healthier X
Less Air Leaks
(Lower Air Changes /hr)
Less Maintenance X
More Efficient Build Time X
Best Value X
Initial Investment $$$ $$

How Much Does ICF Cost… $$?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)  is about providing a warmer, healthier basement for families and a product that will be cost effective, provide a competitive advantage, and less warranty work. To achieve an ICF wall construction which has a 41% higher effective insulation, compared to R22 batt wall insulation assembly, only costs approximately 15% – 20% more.

Example: If your basement (concrete, labour, framing, insulation etc.) cost $20 000, you should  expect your ICF basement to be approximately $23 000 – $24 000.

View Case Study Here: ICF Verse Traditional Concrete Study


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Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Installation Training Course Now Available! 

  • This course is ideal for those looking to learn more about installing, design, and working with ICF
  • Very beneficial for homeowners, contractors and architects 

Look forward to having you, Email us to register for the next session!

About Us
IC Forming Inc. has been an installer and distributor of Insulated Concrete Forming to the northern Alberta building community for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on :

  • Competitive rates
  • Outstanding service
  • Quick and personal delivery of blocks
  • Solid advice
  • Assistance in pouring walls
  • And a commitment to helping you build yourself a better home. We’re a one-stop shop and contain everything you need to do a whole job — from the rebar you need in the footings, to the sill plate on the wall. We even include rebar benders and vibrators to build and pour walls.Give us a call today on any questions you have about ICF.

IC Forming buys back their
own blocks!*
If you order 500 blocks and only uses 450, IC Forming will buy back all blocks that are in perfect condition. We want to ensure that you will have enough blocks for when you need them.

*Refund subject to return within 30 days of invoice. Invoice must be present upon return.

Question: Are CFCs or HCFCs produced when LOGIX ICF is made?
Read the answer, along with answers to other questions on our FAQ page.

For tutorials on installing LOGIX ICF, find it on our INSTALLATION page.



Hear how our customers review us

    5 star review  My husband and I decided to demolish our tiny, ancient home and have a new one built. We chose ICForming to tear down our old house, and build the foundation for the new one. Demolition was scheduled, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, demolition ended up being delayed for almost 2 months. ICForming was kept updated during this time; they were exceptional to deal with, understanding and accommodating. Once demolition finally got under way, it was completed in under 2 days, everything cleaned up, and excavation started for the new foundation. Due to an extremely wet summer, conditions were awful, yet they did an excellent job; we haven't experienced any shifting or sinking. Both Nathan and Kurt were very professional, hard working, considerate (making sure my 5 dogs were contained before opening the gate, and always closing the gate after entering / leaving the property), and willing to answer questions. Once the job was completed, I ended up having to request them to come back to do the parging, since the people who were going to do it, couldn't. Nathan and his uncle came out within days to do it and did an awesome job! These people bent over backwards for us, and handled everything we threw at them professionally and with good grace. I absolutely recommend this family owned and operated company! We couldn't be happier with the quality of the work, the cost, and the people whom we dealt with.

    thumb Rita van Elst
    April 29, 2020

    5 star review  We are a major home builder in Edmonton and we built our first ICF foundation for a net zero house w/ IC Forming. It has been a great experience working with Nathan and his team, accommodating us to meet our tight schedules and other needs. They executed the construction flawlessly, on time and on budget. We are highly considering them on our future projects.

    thumb Roje Ureta
    October 4, 2018

    5 star review  Guys over at IC Forming are prompt to respond, service is great and their prices are fair. They stocked everything I needed and I was able to pickup the same day. Plus there’s no traffic to deal with getting to their location.

    thumb Ask Homes
    September 30, 2019